Fresh Start in 2017

Posted by debby brigtham on December 29, 2016 at 5:45 PM

I have been eating better to lose weight to have hip replacement surgery. The thought of the surgery scares me but no more than the idea of living with the pain forever.

I have read that if you eat carbs, you will crave carbs and I never realized how true that was. Recently I have cut way back on carbs and today at lunch I ate a LOT of carbs. First I was feeling sick, then two hours after eating my glucose was too high even though I had taken insulin with my meal. I have type 2 diabetes.

I had a protein bar around the same time I always do for a snack. I have been very hungry all day. For dinner, I nearly ordered a pizza (carbs) but decided to work it out. I honestly thought that people who said once you cut back on carbs you no longer crave them. I felt they just didn't understand how my body worked. Today is the first day I have found myself craving carbs in a long time.

My daughter has taken all the "bad" foods from my apartment and replaced them with good meals I can cook or heat up with little effort either in the oven or in a small crock pot. I love to cook but am not able to do it much because of the hip, so I was eating very poorly. I have lost about 15 pounds so far, still have a way to go.


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